+Frans, Heather
(Died February 1, 1994, Age 19)
Cause of death: Codeine overdose, suffocation, or both
Location: Hutchinson, Kansas, USA
Disability: Autism
Perpetrator: Dennis Frans (Father) or Roger Gausman (Dentist)
Source: Heather Frans

*Messenger, Michael
(Died February 8, 1994, Age Newborn)
Cause of death: Asked doctors to leave; shut off ventilator
Location: Lansing, Michigan, USA
Disability: Prematurity (25 weeks) and a high chance of disability
Perpetrator: Gregory Messenger (Father)
Source: The Messenger Case: Summary and Analysis

Turner, Tracy
(Died March 3, 1994, Age 30)
Cause of death: Murder (Strangled)
Location: Lutterworth, Leicestershire, England, UK
Disability: Deaf
Perpetrator: Alun Kyte
Source: Alun KYTE

*Pennginton, Tina
(Died June 4, 1994, Age 22)
Cause of death: Murder (Shooting); killed along with her family
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
Disability: Blind, Developmental disability
Perpetrator: Kenneth Turrentine (Mother’s live-in boyfriend)
Source: Kenneth Eugene TURRENTINE

*+Ellis, Timothy, Jr
(Died June 8, 1994, Age 2)
Cause of death: Head injury; fatal child abuse
Location: Jacksonville, Mississippi, USA
Disability: Autism
Perpetrator: Timothy Joseph Ellis (Father)
Source: Timothy Ellis Jr.

*+Rafay, Basma
(Died July 13, 1994, Age 20)
Cause of death: Murder (Bludgeoned)
Location: Seattle, Washington, USA
Disability: Autism
Perpetrator: Atif Rafay (Brother) and Sebastian Burns
Source: Basma Rafay

Sklavos, Sharon Lee
(Died July 22, 1994, Age 38)
Cause of death: Murder (Beaten)
Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
Disability: Developmental disability
Perpetrator: Jose Ruiz Burciaga
Source: Arrest in 1994 homicide another twist in saga

Preston, Ophelia
(Died October 22, 1994, Age 24)
Cause of death: Rape/Murder; strangled
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Disability: Deaf
Perpetrator: Melvin Jones
Source: “I didn’t kill her but I probably raped her:” 10 years in prison for man convicted in 1994 cold case

Nelson, Renae
(Died October 28, 1994, Age 22)
Cause of death: Murder
Location: Moorhead, Minnesota, USA
Disability: Developmental disability
Perpetrator: Unknown; likely Floyd Tapson, an employee at Renae’s group home
Source: Murderpedia