Murillo, Moises
(Died June 4, 2017, Age 8)
Cause of death: Suspicious death (Fell backwards, died from head injury, even though he should have been strapped into his wheelchair)
Location: La Puente, California, USA
Disability: Down syndrome, mobility impairment
Perpetrator: Staff at Sunset Elementary School
Source: Disabled La Puente boy dies in summer school class, leaving family with few answers

Davies, Richard
(Died July 4, 2015, Age 87)
Cause of death: Died in deliberately-set grass fire
Location: Glynneath, Wales, UK
Disability: Schizophrenia
Perpetrator: Unsolved
Source: A pensioner died in a grass fire that was deliberately started, an inquest heard

*Nickells, Sandra
(Died June 17, 2017, Age Elder)
Cause of death: Murder-Suicide (Shot)
Location: Adamsville, Utah, USA
Disability: Alzheimer’s, chronic illness
Perpetrator: Tom Nickells (Husband)
Source: Man and wife die in murder-suicide in Beaver County

+Panda, Rudransh “Romy”
(Died June 17, 2017, Age 18)
Cause of death: Suspicious death
Location: Hyderabad, India
Disability: Autism
Perpetrator: Staff at Sannidhi Institute of Disability
Source: Autistic youth dies at rehabilitation centre in Hyderabad

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