DeBeer, Joe
(Died June 19, 2016, Age 59)
Cause of death: Murder (Beaten)
Location: Reefhaven, South Africa
Disability: Unspecified; wheelchair user
Perpetrator: Barend Barnard
Source: Family shocked as man is acquitted of murder

Coleman, Cecelia
(Died Shortly before September 27, 2017, Age Adult)
Cause of death: Homicide
Location: Elkhart, Indiana, USA
Disability: Vegetative state
Perpetrator: Golden Living Center staff
Source: Elkhart Nursing Home Death Investigation

Coles, Paula
(Died September 27, 2017, Age 31)
Cause of death: Murder (Stabbed)
Location: Washington DC, USA
Disability: Seizures, PTSD, disabled veteran
Perpetrator: Larry Fearn (Child’s father)
Source: Disturbing questions raised by murder of DC disabled veteran

!(Male), (Unknown)
(Died September 28, 2017, Age Adult)
Cause of death: Beaten to death
Location: Midvaal, South Africa
Disability: Mental illness
Perpetrator: Red Ant Security Services
Source: A Mentally Ill Man Allegedly Beaten To Death During Midvaal Protests

Biamonte, Dolores
(Died September 28, 2017, Age 57)
Cause of death: Heat stroke due to electricity loss after hurricane; generator not set up to maintain A/C; multiple safety violations
Location: Hollywood, Florida, USA
Disability: Unspecified; nursing home resident
Perpetrator: Administration of Rehabilitation Center of Hollywood Hills
Source: 12th Death Linked To Hollywood Nursing Home

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