+Dawson, Anthony
(Died May 16, 2015, Age 64)
Cause of death: Untreated gastric ulcer
Location: Epsom, Surrey, England, UK
Disability: Autism, pica
Perpetrator: Ashmount Care Home staff
Source: Epsom care home neglect led to death of autistic man

114 Care Home Residents, (Unknown)
(Died May 2016-September 2017, Age Various)
Cause of death: Neglect, abuse, etc. after being transferred out of Life Esidimeni care homes into unqualified, overcrowded centers
Location: South Africa
Disability: Various, often developmental disability
Perpetrator: Life Sidimeni administration and staff of care homes
Source: The Life Esidimeni tragedy in numbers

Stolts, Jaco
(Died October 4, 2016, Age Adult)
Cause of death: Neglect (Dehydration, malnutrition causing kidney problems)
Location: Pretoria, South Africa
Disability: Developmental disability
Perpetrator: Staff at Cullinan Care and Rehabilitation Centre
Source: ‘Not even an animal would be treated like this’: sister tells of brother’s death

Luongo, Mary
(Died January 30, 2017, Age 87)
Cause of death: Pulled out of her wheelchair; fell; resulting head injury was ignored
Location: Hollywood Hills, Florida, USA
Disability: Alzheimer’s disease
Perpetrator: Staff at Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills
Source: Florida nursing home from hell where 14 died during Hurricane Irma when air conditioning stopped is sued over ANOTHER ‘wrongful’ death

!Disabled Rohingya Muslims, (Unknown)
(Died August-September 2017, Age Various; many elderly)
Cause of death: Shot; burned along with their houses because they were unable to flee
Location: Myanmar
Disability: Various; mobility impairments increased vulnerability
Perpetrator: Myanmar army and police
Source: Myanmar army killed hundreds of Rohingyas: Amnesty

*Kumada, Masako
(Died October 16, 2017, Age 61)
Cause of death: Murder (Throat slit)
Location: Otawara City, Japan
Disability: Unspecified; mobility impaired
Perpetrator: Masao Kumada (Husband)
Source: Tochigi man stabs bedridden wife to death

Aperahama, Pono Wariua
(Died October 17, 2017, Age 17)
Cause of death: Restraint-related; head injury from head-banging?
Location: Lambton, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
Disability: Unspecified, related to injuries from being hit by a car
Perpetrator: Staff at Lane 4 Aquatics Center swimming pool
Source: Disabled teenager killed at a swimming pool after ‘eight men pinned him down because he punched a lifeguard’ – before he died of head injuries

*+Pakko, Dayvid
(Died October 17, 2017, Age 6)
Cause of death: Murder (Drowned)
Location: Lynnwood, Washington, USA
Disability: Autism
Perpetrator: A relative
Source: Relative of 6-year-old Lynnwood boy arrested for murder

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