Evensen, James A.
(Died July 10, 2015, Age Elder)
Cause of death: Neglect (UTI, malnutrition, sepsis, pneumonia, bedsores)
Location: Daytona beach, Florida, USA
Disability: Unspecified; elder nursing home resident
Perpetrator: Indigo Manor staff
Source: Nursing home blamed for resident’s death

Lehmusjurri, Esa
(Died April 2016, Age 70)
Cause of death: Died trying to escape group home; fell into neighbor’s yard and fractured vertebrae and ribs, aggravating heart disease; not found for 24 hours
Location: Scarborough, Canada
Disability: Heart disease, alcoholism
Perpetrator: An illegal group home, now called “A Better Way”
Source: ‘He died without dignity’: Man’s death exposes horrors of illegal group homes

Segalla, Albert “Siggy”
(Died April 23, 2016, Age 93)
Cause of death: Fall, after wandering from nursing home due to inadequate safeguards; monitoring anklet alarm went off but was ignored; front desk was unmanned
Location: North Adams, Massachusetts, USA
Disability: Dementia
Perpetrator: North Adams Commons Nursing and Rehabilitation Center staff
Source: Suit filed after fall, death of resident who strayed from nursing home

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