!Urbina, Ruben
(Died September 15, 2017, Age 15)
Cause of death: Police shooting; suicide by cop (holding crowbar)
Location: Haymarket, Virginia, USA
Disability: Depression/Anxiety, possible bipolar disorder
Perpetrator: Police
Source: He Couldn’t Bear Life Anymore. So The Teen Called Police With A Chilling Threat.

*McFadden, Johnny
(Died December 23, 2017, Age 19)
Cause of death: Neglect (Starvation, bedsores)
Location: Augusta, Georgia, USA
Disability: Unspecified severe disability
Perpetrator: Carlissa Malone (Mother) and Roger Malone (Stepfather)
Source: Couple jailed on neglect charge in disabled man’s death

Grant, Jillian
(Died December 25, 2017, Age 38)
Cause of death: Murder
Location: North Shields, England, UK
Disability: Blind
Perpetrator: Unnamed 41-year-old man
Source: Neighbours of alleged murder victim Jillian Grant tell of their shock

Fox, Julie
(Died December 27, 2017, Age 51)
Cause of death: Murder
Location: Worcester, England, UK
Disability: Mobility impaired (Used mobility scooter)
Perpetrator: Unsolved
Source: Murder probe: Police investigate death of woman named by neighbours as Julie Fox

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