Hinds, Ellen
(Died March 22, 2017, Age 85)
Cause of death: Medical neglect (Denied memory care assessment, left in independent-living apartment; wandered outside because of lack of needed assistance; death from hypothermia)
Location: Audubon, Pennsylvania, USA
Disability: Dementia
Perpetrator: Shannondell staff
Source: His elderly mother wandered out into the cold and died. Whose fault was it?

*Martin, Michael Anthony
(Died June 13, 2014, Age 46)
Cause of death: Murder (Stabbed with sword)
Location: Murwillumbah, New South Wales, Australia
Disability: Blind in one eye after previous attack
Perpetrator: Michael Phillip Martin (Son)
Source: Murder victim’s grisly wounds revealed in court

!Reid, Daniel
(Died July 18, 2017, Age 32)
Cause of death: Police shooting (Unarmed)
Location: Clay, Alabama, USA
Disability: Depression, anxiety, delusional disorder
Perpetrator: Jefferson county sheriff’s deputies
Source: After deputies killed her son, a mother pleads for mental health training for police

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