*Parker, Nancy
(Died February 20, 2016, Age 75)
Cause of death: Neglect (Necrotizing fasciitis caused by neglect and filthy living conditions)
Location: Exeter, Texas, USA
Disability: Disabled elder; bowel disease
Perpetrator: Katherine Saintil-Brown (Daughter) and Meritel Saintil (Granddaughter)
Source: Woman jailed for her mom’s death in Exeter

Brubaker, Robert
(Died April 5, 2016, Age 67)
Cause of death: Hit-and-run (Committeed by carjacker with his own car)
Location: Lake Worth, Florida, USA
Disability: Lost one eye due to brain tumor
Perpetrator: Unsolved
Source: Detectives renew push to solve hit-and-run of partially blind man

*+Bryan, Mason B.
(Died June 24, 2016, Age 4)
Cause of death: Abuse (Beaten, causing fatal head injury)
Location: Aiken, South Carolina, USA
Disability: Autism
Perpetrator: Derek Matthew Roberson (Mother’s boyfriend) and Amanda Bryan (Mother)
Source: Aiken man pleads guilty to abusing autistic child to death, gets 25 years

Shopteese, Jimmy
(Died November 24, 2016, Age 15)
Cause of death: Murder (Shot; drug-related)
Location: Wichita, Kansas, USA
Disability: Depression
Perpetrator: Unnamed 15-year-old male
Source: Woman who died in car crash Monday reunited with son killed last year, family says

Lorig, Michael A.
(Died January 22, 2017, Age 66)
Cause of death: Suicide (Pressured to retire by his employer, who did not want to grant him long-term disability that would allow treatment for his depression)
Location: Naples, Florida, USA
Disability: Depression
Perpetrator: n/a; JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Source: JPMorgan Accused of Wrongful Death by Estate of Star Broker

Carter, Ann Marie
(Died January 6, 2018, Age 34)
Cause of death: Murder (Strangled)
Location: Winston Salem, North Carolina, USA
Disability: Bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, schizophrenia
Perpetrator: Anton McAllister
Source: Strangled, beaten and left in a garbage can: Grisly details from the autopsy of Dobson woman found dead in Winston-Salem

Newton, Omar
(Died January 13, 2018, Age 35)
Cause of death: Murder (Shot (During robbery; unable to hear robber’s command to lie on the ground))
Location: St Catherine, Jamaica
Disability: Deaf
Perpetrator: Unnamed 17-year-old
Source: Teen charged with murder of deaf, mute man in St Catherine

*Bush, Lerae Britain Moeller
(Died February 10, 2018, Age 85)
Cause of death: Murder (Arson)
Location: Bloomington, California, USA
Disability: Alzheimer’s disease
Perpetrator: Noel Montes Cazares, a.k.a. Giovanni Bush
Source: Man arrested in California on murder charges in Handy Road fire

Rykhof, Elizabeth
(Died March 29, 2018 (Body found); Missing September 22, 2017, Age 56)
Cause of death: Unknown suspicious death
Location: Bloomfield, Connecticut, USA
Disability: Bipolar disorder, addiction
Perpetrator: Unsolved
Source: Human remains buried in field ID’d as Connecticut woman; death labeled ‘suspicious’

Polite, Veronica
(Died April 2, 2018, Age 50)
Cause of death: Murder (Head trauma; body burned)
Location: Brandenton, Florida, USA
Disability: Blind
Perpetrator: Dakota Jibson
Source: Manatee Sheriff Arrests Bradenton Man For Killing, Burning Woman

Ren, (Mr.)
(Died April 3, 2018, Age 15)
Cause of death: Murder (Beaten, castrated; bled to death)
Location: Zhendong village, Xi’an Province, China
Disability: Developmental disability
Perpetrator: A 39-year-old man
Source: Intellectually-disabled boy found bound and mutilated in China

*+Clyde Daniels, Joe
(Died Missing April 4, 2018, Age 5)
Cause of death: Murder (By confession; body not found)
Location: Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Disability: Autism
Perpetrator: Joseph Ray Daniels (Father)
Source: Tennessee father killed his 5-year-old autistic son then hid his body, police say

!Vassell, Saheed
(Died April 4, 2018, Age 34)
Cause of death: Police shooting (Holding a pipe)
Location: Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA
Disability: Bipolar disorder
Perpetrator: Police
Source: Locals Knew He Was Mentally Ill. The Officers Who Shot Him Did Not.

*Cardenas, Abraham
(Died April 5, 2018, Age 7)
Cause of death: Murder (Stabbed, decapitated)
Location: Sweden, New York, USA
Disability: Learning disability
Perpetrator: Hanane Mouhib (Mother)
Source: Friends and loved ones of murdered Sweden boy speaking up

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