Parker, Jane
(Died August 24, 2016, Age 68)
Cause of death: Negligence (Fed chicken nuggets despite known swallowing problem; choked and died)
Location: Dukinfield, England, UK
Disability: Vascular dementia
Perpetrator: Fir Trees Care Home staff
Source: Pensioner with dementia and swallowing problems died after care home gave her chicken nuggets

McBride, Peter James
(Died April 11, 2018, Age 86)
Cause of death: Neglect (Infected bedsore; overmedicated with antipsychotics)
Location: Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Disability: Frail elder
Perpetrator: Port Pirie Hospital staff
Source: Care of elderly patient at regional hospital described as ‘almost a death sentence’

Behera, Sarat
(Died June 29, 2018, Age Adult)
Cause of death: Murder (Beaten)
Location: Sindhaba Village, Odisha, India
Disability: Unspecified
Perpetrator: Ganesh Behera and Prasant Behera
Source: Brothers held for murder of disabled friend

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