!Jiminez-Joseph, Jean Carlos
(Died May 15, 2017, Age 27)
Cause of death: Suicide/Neglect (Denied mental health treatment, placed in solitary confinement)
Location: Americus, Georgia, USA
Disability: Mental illness (Psychosis, suicidal crisis)
Perpetrator: Stewart Detention Center staff
Source: Investigation finds ICE detention center cut corners and skirted federal detention rules

*Johnson, Henry L., Jr
(Died June 13, 2017, Age 57)
Cause of death: Murder (Beating)
Location: Pine Bluff, Arkansas, USA
Disability: Stroke
Perpetrator: Allen Clagget (Girlfriend’s brother)
Source: Claggett guilty in 2017 murder, domestic battery

(Unknown), (Female)
(Died September 4, 2017, Age 81)
Cause of death: Neglect (Left on toilet unsupervised; died of injuries from fall)
Location: Visalia, California, USA
Disability: Heart disease, stroke, mobility impaired
Perpetrator: Redwood Springs Healthcare Center staff
Source: Visalia nursing home leaves patient on toilet to fall, resulting in death, state says

!Poer, Matt
(Died April 12, 2018, Age 46)
Cause of death: Taser-related
Location: Elbert County, Colorado, USA
Disability: PTSD; veteran
Perpetrator: Police
Source: Taser Listed As Factor In Green Beret’s Death

*Jones, Maqkwone
(Died July 8, 2018, Age 3)
Cause of death: Unknown suspicious death (Died in fire while locked into his room and left alone)
Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Disability: Unspecified special needs
Perpetrator: His mother’s cousin
Source: Judge scolds DCFS for refusing to discuss death of boy, 3, in foster home fire: ‘You tell me how he died, OK?’

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