*Tran, Minh Trung “Mike”
(Died March 28, 2009, Age 51)
Cause of death: Murder (Suffocated with plastic bag)
Location: Elmwood Park, New Jersey, USA
Disability: Stroke
Perpetrator: Jenny Tran (Wife)
Source: Tran acquitted of murder, convicted of aggravated manslaughter, attempted murder

*Modon, Aris
(Died July 15, 2017, Age 88)
Cause of death: Unknown suspicious death
Location: Adena, Ohio, USA
Disability: Elder nursing home resident
Perpetrator: Unknown; possibly family or nursing home staff
Source: Disabled veteran goes on hunger strike in front of Cleveland FBI office

Yadegar, Evin Olsen
(Died July 26, 2017, Age 46)
Cause of death: Police Shooting (Unarmed)
Location: Modesto, California, USA
Disability: Bipolar disorder
Perpetrator: Justin Wall (Deputy)
Source: Update: Stanislaus deputy charged in Modesto woman’s shooting death last year in Ripon

Lassiter, Wally
(Died July 4, 2018, Age 26)
Cause of death: Neglect (Heat stroke; no air conditioning, no fan, care plan ignored)
Location: Schenectady, New York, USA
Disability: Intellectual disability
Perpetrator: Wildwood Programs group home staff
Source: Investigation opened into Schenectady group home death

Johnson, Pamela
(Died July 13, 2018, Age 62)
Cause of death: Murder
Location: Cypress, Texas, USA
Disability: Deaf
Perpetrator: Jose Gilberto Rodriguez
Source: These are the victims of the Houston-area crime spree that left 3 dead

Bourke, John
(Died July 15, 2018, Age 45)
Cause of death: Murder
Location: Maryborough, Victoria, Australia
Disability: Brittle bone disease
Perpetrator: Two suspects, age 15 and 17
Source: ‘A loyal, genuine guy’: Family and friends mourn death of Maryborough man

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